Apr 1, 2014

Workers In Progress - a work in progress

The first months of 2014 have been the worst in my life and that, dear reader, was the main reason I haven't been able to write on Gnome's Lair and let you know about my latest game: Workers In Progress. A political simulation set in Greece that plays like a choose your own adventure.

Workers In Progress is part of the Fear of Twine exhibition, which was organized and curated by Richard Goodness; an exhibition sporting 14 games created with Twine and includes such varied masterpieces as TWEEZER, The Girl In The Haunted House, The Matter of the Great Red Dragon, Abstract State-warp Machines,  Zombies and Elephants and Truth is Ghost. Fear of Twine will be live until April 18, 2014.

As for my game, Workers In Progress, it is still not really finished and thus appropriately WIP. The basic skeleton of the political simulation is there and you do get to play as the Greek working class and make big, meaningful choices, but things really have to be done. It still lacks in characterization, needs quite a bit of writing and could certainly do with more choices. Hopefully, I'll have a final version ready within this very month.

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Jan 28, 2014

DroidArcade -- launched for iOS

Long time no see, eh reader? Well, sorry about that, but, as is customary, I had been incredibly busy with DroidArcade; a game my humble self and Kyttaro Games launched on Apple's App Store a few days ago. It's a reworked, free to grab and fully arcade take on the more cerebral, more expensive Droidscape: Basilica and I do hope the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch owning masses really enjoy it. Do, please, let me know what you thought of it and its sci-fi, stop-motion animated self.

Dec 5, 2013

Be charitable! Grab the Indie Ordinary Gamer Bundle!

Let's keep things simple:

Buy the Indie Ordinary Gamer Bundle, grab 11 terrific games, support the Indie Dev Grant and help me and Kyttaro Games support the excellent AbleGamers Charity; 30% of the bundle's net earnings will be donated to it!

Nov 6, 2013

AI War, tactics and the Indie Strategy Bundle

You don't need no dice to get all strategic with the Indie Strategy Bundle, the just released indie gaming bundle by yours truly and Bundle In A Box! Oh no, all you need to do is pay-what-you-want and get yourself 11 fantastic strategy games, that will happily have you wage war on everything from rural WW2 Poland to far away star systems.

Among said 11 games you'll find AI War, Strategic War in Europe, Project Aftermath, US & Them - Cold War, The Trouble With Robots, Creeper World 2 and Mayhem Intergalactic, as well as a selection of fantastic (unlockable) extras such as the exclusive AI War Prototype.

Oct 10, 2013

Lawless Legends and the 8-bit Spaghetti RPG

Not all cowboy films are spaghetti westerns, but we all know that those were the best. And I do really want to imagine Lawless Legends as a fantastic RPG set in the Wild West that will nostalgically remind me of both The Wild Bunch and those roleplaying games I used to love as a young little person whose imagination had not been tainted by photorealistic graphics. It will, after all, be an 8-bit offering, meaning its graphics will by definition put the old brain to work.

As for what it will be all about, here is how the devs put it:

"The year is 1856, you have just arrived at Fort Miller, near Mariposa California. The gold rush has now past it's peak and the region is slowly being over run with cutthroats, thieves, murderers and the like. It seems like drifters from the wilderness are gravitating back into the nearest town they can find. The only other thing keeping the peace in these parts, besides lawmen, are the saloons with their fill of booze, gambling and loose women. To make things worse, there are rumors circulating about mysterious, unnatural things taking place behind the curtain of mountains beyond the local ridges, spreading like wildfire. It’s getting to the point where most folks are too nervous to venture far from town...even for gold."

What's more, Lawless Legends is an open source project and is ready to accept all the coding and designing help you can offer it, while simultaneously considering all the ideas you have to throw its way. You can keep an eye on it via this handy facebook page and have a look at the code, editor and assets over here.

Lawless Legends will be released for Apple II and Commodore 64, with a slight chance of also making it to modern PCs and Macs. Sadly, no word on the ZX Spectrum version yet...

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Sep 18, 2013

The Indie RPG Bundle by your dear BIAB

Ah, yes, it's that time again, isn't it? Well...

The richest Bundle In A Box bundle to date, The Indie RPG Bundle, has finally gone live and is featuring 13 roleplaying games (complete with tons of lovely unlockable extras) to last you a lifetime. Or, well, for dozens of hours. At least. Dozens of glorious hours of indie RPG gaming from the trenches of World War I and those dark fantasy forests to contemporary cities and dreaded dungeons. 

Those who pay at least $1.99 will receive modern day RPG Unemployment Quest, choose-your-own-adventure gamebook The Siege of the Necromancer, indie classic Hack Slash Loot, strategic RPG Styrateg, Ultima-esque Inaria, the lovely Dungeon Fray, dungeon crawling tactical RPG Empires & Dungeons 2, and humorous 3D CRPG Frayed Knights

Gamers who beat the average price will also receive the brilliant and just greenlit Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted Land, the foreboding Wizard from Tarnath Tor, card-based Northmark, excellent rogue-like The Wizard’s Lair, and the utterly unique and philosophical Telepath RPG

As always gamers will also be supporting an important charity and indie developers via the Indie Dev Grant. Oh, and there's the exclusive Droidscape: Basilica content too. And the fact that putting this bundle together was beyond exhausting...